Protective Clothing Protection Against Liquid ChemicalsTesting Data

Service Report AWE-11-2600

Examination of Finishing Effects - Resistance to Liquid Chemicals - Stain Release behaviour  
PES woven fabric, navy, face side emerized, with water/oil/soil repellent/ soil release-finish

Headquarter Germany  Anton Schumann, Harald Wagner, Marianne Frisch


Material: PES woven fabric, navy, face side emerized,  water/oil/soil repellent finished
Quality: AMP 0515
Colour: NA0688
Batch No.: M5204
Finish: IF96F81
Order No.: 127530 

Tests and Results  Resistance to penetration by water
ISO 811/EN 20811 - Hydrostatic Pressure test water column (test area 100 cm, pressure increase 10 mm/s) 190 mm H2O

Tests and Results  Resistance to Penetration by Liquid Chemicals
ISO 6530 - Protective Clothing  Protection Against Liquid Chemicals, Test method for Resistance of Materials to Penetration by Liquids applied quantity of chemicals: 10 ml, application time: 10s

Tests and Results - Stain Release Behaviour
Acc. to AATCC 130   Stain Release: Oily Stain Release Method application of 0,2 ml of staining agent
covering with PE plastic film weight directly over the stained area: 2 kg time of loading: 60 s washing of the stained samples within 15 min (50  C machine wash, tumble dry) Evaluation acc. to the AATCC 130 Stain Release Replica rating: 1 very bad, ....rating 5: very good, no residual stains after washing