Wholesale apparel distributors

Onqor does not sell direct, sales must go through one of our existing Distributors listed below.  

If your Company is interested in becoming a Distributor of the Onqor product line, please can you fill out the following contact form, and include your State's Resale Tax Certificate number. Once we have evaluated your information, we will then request you e-mail our Office a copy of your Annual Certificate issued by the State in which you are Incorporated.  We cannot open up an account without it.  Please fill out our Contact form with your Business information.


Bioshield Technologies:          717-489-1728    www.bioshieldtech.com

AVP Caribe Scientific                 787-892-0047    www.avpcaribe.com

ever-safe                                           877-721-5227    www.ever-safe-products.com

Clarke Container                          814-452-4848    www.clarkcontainer.com

Industrial Safety Products     562-463-8999    www.gotoisp.com

The LabMart                                    908-561-3002    www.labmart.com

LabSource                                       630-343-1739    www.labsource.com

Central Shop                                  786-279-8833    www.protectivescrubs.com